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Legal custody of the child/children shall be shared by the parties. This means that each party shall have an equal right, to be exercised jointly with the other party, to make all major non-emergency decisions affecting the child/children’s general welfare including, but not limited to, all decisions regarding the child/children’s health, education and religion, and/or social and moral development. All parties shall be entitled to full participation in all educational and medical/treatment appointments, evaluations and/or medical tests with regard to the minor child/children.

Each party shall be entitled to and have access to all records, documents and information pertaining to the child/children including, but not limited to, medical, dental, religious and school records, birth certificates and other governmental records. To the extent that one party has possession of any such records, documents or information, that party shall be required to share the same, or copies thereof, with the other party within such reasonable time as to make the records and information of reasonable use to the other party (for example, school notices shall be given in advance of the activity about which the notice is written).

Each party shall be entitled to receive copies of any notices that come from the child/children’s school with regard to school pictures, extracurricular activities, children’s parties, musical/theatrical presentations, orientation sessions, parent-teacher conferences and the like.

A copy of the Custody Order and this Appendix shall be deemed sufficient authorization for release of any records pertaining to the child/children requested by either party